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Fabric and Fiber Art

by aisling d'art ©2006 - 2009

Fabric and fiber are among my very first loves. They remain among my greatest passions.

The articles from this website have returned to my pages.

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Wearable art - Articles about embellished clothing and fabric jewelry.

Quilts and wallhangings - Two, so far. I'm still locating photos of others.

Home decor and furnishings - This section begins with my woven rocking chair seat.

More fabric and fiber art - General articles for beginners.

Resources - This will include links, book and product reviews, shows and workshops.

Online gallery - Not here yet.

Shop - Not here yet.

Sitemap - A list of all the articles at this site.

My love of fabric and fiber started in childhood, when my mother and grandmother shared stories of ancestors who'd designed and made their own clothing.

For me, fiber combines my two greatest passions: Color and texture. So, since my pre-teen years, I've designed and sewn quilts, wallhangings, dolls, wearable art, and home furnishings. I see fabric art as a perfect romance of form and function.

In 1981, when I was a single mother with two toddlers, it was logical to create one-of-a-kind quilts to support us. Within a year, my quilts and wallhangings were sold in shops and galleries along coastal Maine, and at Boston's Faneuil Marketplace and Newbury Street shops.

In the early 1980s, I wrote two popular books of quilting patterns, and a larger text about sewing vintage fashions. (All of them are now out-of-print.)

But, after I remarried, I worked with fabric and fiber in fits and spurts. By the late 1990s, I focused on paper arts and journaling.

Now, I'm recovering my enthusiasm for fiber, and eager to fill in this website with art, articles, resources, and free patterns.

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